Invest BC Opp.

(Design photos and market value stats listed. click on the bottom thumb nails)

The value . The ownership . And more…

Brief comparison:
lot’s size: 50′ X 120′ – for a mansion of 6000 sf. Current market similar lot+home WITHOUT amenities,immediate next door tourists attractions, Without extra ownerships on golf course land and a 5 acre water front land,
all are appraised at  $1.2-$2+ Million; Lot alone MLA at 300,000+ to 600,000.

KM total 850 lots sit on the mountain bird viewing the entire spectacular view of the famous Okanagan lake.

 Tourists’ destination 5 attractions – all are world class:
1. Sit among the future world top class PGA Golf Course designed by Tom Fazio II
2. Ski resort that is full service all year round
3. Vineyard and Winery are designed and operated by world famous Italian wine maker
4. Four suspension bridges. one is the longest in N.A. over 800 feet – all are completed!
5. Each lot has full view of this spectacular Okanagan Lake.

Current lowest price as of July 01, 2012: 85,000. Call 604.800.8316

Every Lot can be expected the value of the lot will increase 5-10+times. When you own the lot, you will also receive golf club membership for life, transferable. In detail –

Lot’s assets value in 4 areas:
1. Lot ownership incl.
2. Life time and transferable golf membership (Near Future Value of 100,000 to ONE MILLION+) at the spectacular location that will be next global sports, recreational, filming and retreat hot spot. In addition,
3. each lot ownership also owns 1/850 of this 18 hole PGA golf course property, and
4. each lot ownership also owns 1/850 of the water front 5 acre of land.

Some links for your due diligences: 
Investors Love the views: Meet legends

More stats in the three photos of this link. click on each photo, click again to see bigger image:

Video clip from the land developer the owner and the visionary legend Mark:

> Why investors are so confident on the property value increase? Because all is designed by most world famous designers and owners and an engineer team strives for high end products. Entire land becomes venues of world class sports, recreational events, tourism and filming. The suspension bridges, Italian style vineyard and wine culture, ski resort and wellness centre etc. will turn this place into popular tour destiny domestically and internationally.

The PGA Golf Course Designer is the world most famous golf designer Tom Fazio II. He designs this golf course, golf club house and Golf-Academy-Hotel. Famous Italian wine maker will design the vineyard and winery attractions.

Check out the KM website with visual image:  Request opp. for a tour trip, call 604.800.8316.



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